MISSHA Signature Glam Art Rouge Lipstick SPF15PA+ [SPK104] 3.5g

MISSHA Signature Glam Art Rouge Lipstick SPF15PA+ [SPK104] 3.5g

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Experts review :

MISSHA Signature Glam Art Rouge Lipstick SPF15PA+ [SPK104] is a real glam colour rouge to express vivid, clean and even colour for a long time softly melted on the lips with customized melting system. Volume : 3.5g. 

Softly melting texture helps express even color with soft and high adherence.- Soft relaxed baseLow viscosity of semi-solid oil and hyaluronic acid powder system softly melted on the lips, it is applied softly and freshly on your lips and make your lips smooth as if wrinkles on the lips are covered with color.- Clean and vivid color expression without smearingCustomized melting system : It is optimized melting system for each color to express soft application without smearing by applying different dispersant and oil to each color.Highly vivid color : Smart color powder(Encapsulating Porous Sebum Control Powder with hyperchromic materials) helps express more vivid and vitalized color. 

It provides In & out volumizing effect to express luxury volume color with spread reflection of pearl by covering wrinkles on the lips effectively.- In-volumizing Containing sweet almond peptide and marine collagen, it helps to keep elasticity of lips. Containing 7 jewelry ingredients of amethyst, tourmaline, pearl, platinum, diamond, ruby and Inca rose powder with convex 3D powder, it helps express glamorous color and cover wrinkles on the lips effectively.- Out-volumizingConvex 3D powder helps express smooth lips.With spread reflection of pearl, it helps express full lips and cover wrinkles on the lips visibly. 

It helps keep vivid and healthy volume color with 12 hours' moisturizing & color fix system.- 12 hours' moisturizing effectMoisture filling sphere, which contains natural moisturizing ingredient of Sodium PCA and marine collagen in powder, fills moisture inside wrinkles on the lips to make your lips keep moisture.* Containing 55 botanical ingredients like mother chrysanthemum flower extracts, etc. to provide moisture to the lips* Containing fermented Bacillus bean extract, dermotropic natural moisturizer Unique body shape of MISSHA Signature Glam Art Rouge  Angular shape like spotlight It has angular shape like spotlight outstanding applied smoothly by filling up wrinkles and space between curves of lips. 12 hours’ color sustainability powerAdhesive Magnetic Powder, which minimizes repelling power between skin and color to increase skin adherence power, provides color sustainability.


How To Use :
Apply an appropriate amount onto lips following lip contour.

Tip :
Don’t apply it over the lips. Apply it in the middle of lips and tap lightly.- Re-apply transparent type lip gloss for more glossy expression.


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